Frequently Asked Questions

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What separates us from other advisors:

Money Plans was founded in 1983 as a Fee-Only and independent Registered Investment Advisor. Because we are unaffiliated with any bank, brokerage or other financial services business, we have always been able to avoid the conflicts of interests that arise from these affiliations. We have always provided clients with conflict-free guidance, low-cost investments and the tools and service that are competitive with much larger firms.

What does being a Fiduciary Mean:

Following the NAPFA Fiduciary Oath means I shall:

  • Always act in good faith and with candor.
  • Be proactive in disclosing any conflicts of interest that may impact a client.
  • Not accept any referral fees or compensation contingent upon the purchase or sale of a financial product.

What is a Fee Only Financial Advisor:

Fee-Only: All of the Advisor's compensation from client work comes exclusively from the clients in the form of fixed, flat, hourly, percentage or performance-based fees.

What is your Investment Minimum:

There is no minimum for Financial Planning and for Investment Review and Design. There is a $300,000 minimum for Wealth Management (comprised of money management and financial planning).