Wealth Management

At Money Plans, we provide unbiased, Fee-Only wealth management. Our objective: To help our clients gain confidence about their finances, while illuminating a clear path to achieving their long-term goals.

Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs based on their wealth levels, but all benefit from a client-centered approach. As fiduciary advisors, we are legally bound to put our clients’ interests first. As Fee-Only advisors, our compensation comes directly from the client, not from sales commissions, undisclosed fees, or third party agreements.

As a result, our clients can be confident that the advice they receive is based entirely on their specific, personal needs and objectives.

Accounts Over $300,000

Wealth management for these clients includes comprehensive financial planning as well as ongoing money management. Some of the advantages include:

Customization. Your personalized investment plan is based on your goals, objectives, tax situation, risk tolerance and time horizon. We do not fit clients into one-size-fits-all portfolios.

Cost Savings. To keep your portfolio cost effective and diversified, your investment plan will include low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs), bonds, including tax-free bonds, real-estate investment trusts (REITs) and low-cost mutual funds. We’ll purchase individual stocks when we believe they provide added value. Through our custodian, Charles Schwab, we access high-ranking ETFs and mutual funds with no transaction fees and industry-low operating expenses. Also, keep in mind that financial advisor fees—including those we charge—are tax-deductible, whereas sales commissions—charged by stockbrokers—are not.

Simplification. To simplify your finances, we will consolidate your accounts, and we will link your account to your bank for ease of cashflow management. If you need ongoing income, electronic deposits will be made to your bank account. If you are in the accumulation stage, you can have electronic deposits made to your investment account. We will calculate and withdraw your required minimum distributions from your IRA and inherited IRA accounts, and we will withhold both federal and state taxes. You will receive the proper tax forms at tax time.

Staying on Track. We monitor your account and make adjustments. We use asset-protection strategies and implement tax strategies when appropriate. And we address your financial issues throughout the relationship. Finally, we maintain a disciplined approach to portfolio design and maintenance to prevent emotions from driving your investment decisions.

Investment Review and Design

This service is specifically designed for accounts under $300,000. It includes one-time design of an investment plan based on the information you provide during the planning process. The investment plan is designed for you to implement and monitor; it will use no-load mutual funds and low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). We also provide recommendations for your employer-sponsored retirement plans.